School District Voting Results Across the Region

    By on May 25, 2016
    • Voting was open at North-Rose Wolcott High School from 12 to 9 p.m. Considering there were no spaghetti dinners or concerts, their voter turnout of nearly 400 was quite impressive.

    • Red Creek Rotary did their usual spaghetti dinner. Pictured is Superintendent David Sholes, serving it up on plates, and on break, for the school district.

    • Clyde-Savannah provided the entertainment on voting night, which drew a packed house as the 3rd grade performed a song playing recorders at their spring concert May 17.

    Suzanne LaSalle Fralick

    All budgets, and all but one proposal passed. All school board candidate election runs were a success.

    Here are the results:

    Cato-Meridian, School Budget, 209 Yes, 51 No. Bus purchase proposition, 203 Yes, 53 No. All incumbent board members were re-elected with Kathleen Bratt 207, Lee Epprecht 197 and Todd Kacur 200.

    Clyde-Savannah, School Budget, 180 Yes, 55 No. All three incumbents were re-elected to serve 3-year terms, with Fred Baker at 161 votes, David Secor with 191 and Richard Drahms with 154. Bus Purchase proposition, 190 Yes, 44 No. Ex-Officio Student Board of Education Member proposition, 204 Yes, 27 No.

    Hannibal, School Budget, 232 Yes, 77 No. Bus purchase proposition, 261 yes, 50 no. Incumbents Carl Emmons and Vern Cole were re-elected with 248 and 271 votes respectively, both for 3 year terms.

    Newark, School budget, 638 Yes, 306 No. Proposition for needed renovations and improvements 582 Yes, 292 No. Proposition 2, drainage problems for the soccer and football field passed, 489 Yes to 459 No. Proposition 3, for improvements including Astroturf to the football field, did not pass, with 417 Yes to 527 No. A fourth proposition for five new buses, passed with 720 Yes, 226 No. Board Jim Miranda and Yvonne MacTaggart were elected to serve three-year terms.

    North-Rose Wolcott, Budget 238 Yes, 109 No. Bus purchase proposition 275 yes, 77 no. Capital Reserve-Buses proposition 272 yes, 72 no. Capital Reserve-Buildings 253 yes, 95 no. Library funding increase of $12,500.00, 266 Yes, 85 No. Board candidates were elected as follows Rodney Terrien 87, Nicholas Porter 103, Linda Eygnor 290, and Andrew Mathes 162.

    Red Creek, School Budget, 266 Yes, 44 No. School Bus 266 Yes, 45 No. Library Proposition $15,000 increase, 220 Yes, 87 No. All candidates were elected as follows: Sue Kuck 223, Katherine Madigan 236, 3 yr terms, and Molly Goodwin 99 for a 2 year term.

    Sodus, School Budget 209 Yes, 95 No. Bus Proposition, 219 Yes, 85 No. Don Brown with 250, and Roy McCarthy with 248 Votes were elected as Board of Education members.

    Williamson, School Budget, 406 Yes, 86 No. Bus Purchase proposition, 411 Yes, 80 No. Board members were elected as follows for three-year terms: Jamie Sonneville 372, Michael Collins 262 and Caroline Jackson 285.

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