Prom Night for NR-W and Sodus

    By on May 25, 2016
    • Outside at Dockers was the scene for North-Rose Wolcott’s Prom Saturday Night as students enjoyed the balmy temperatures in fancy tuxes and flowing gowns.

    • The King and Queen of the evening for the Sodus High School Prom set to a Gatsby theme.

    • The King and Queen are officially crowned and preparing for their first dance, right before their prom-mates surrounded the couple, and danced in a circle on the floor.

    Suzanne LaSalle Fralick

    It was a Saturday night filled shiny black shoes, tuxes, and gowns galore for Sodus High School’s Prom at Club 86 in Geneva. Down on the Bay, Sodus Bay, North-Rose Wolcott High School was enjoying an evening of delicious food, fabulous weather, and dancing to their favorites at Dockers Seafood and Grille.

    From the Gazebo to the Dance floor, the place was alive with bright tuxes and dresses of all styles and colors, as North-Rose Wolcott celebrated prom night. The attendees were everywhere, visiting, dancing, texting, goofing-off and some, just relaxing and enjoying the company.

    It was finally time for “The Big Announcement” as a stampede of students in slippery shoes and long gowns headed for the dance floor for the official crowning of the King and Queen. As they received their respective crowns, the crowd cheered and soon gathered around the dancing couple in their traditional style before breaking into freestyle fun.

    Walking into Club 86, you could feel the greatness of “Gatsby” in the air for Sodus High School’s Prom. The décor was perfectly placed on the tables to set the scene. In the background was a very popular photo booth being tested as to how many people it would hold at one time. The dance floor was filled with the excitement of moving and grooving with friends all around. Every time a popular song started playing, the room would erupt with a loud “aaaaaahhhhhh” and once again the dance floor would be electrified.

    There were plenty of teachers and administrators in attendance, risking their hearing to do so, but showing their dedication to the students at one of the most anticipated events of the school year.

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