Danse Shoppe’s Shining Stars Receive Beverly R. Slobe Award

    By on May 25, 2016
    • Denise Fields beats all odds of cancer and performs to win the Beverly R. Slobe Award at the Danse Shoppe’s Recital at Red Creek.

    • Skylar Davis took the Beverly R. Slobe Award at the recital Friday night at Cato-Meridian, where the Danse Shoppe has been offering lessons for 26 years.

    Congratulations to Denise Field of Red Creek and Skylar Davis of Cato-Meridian for being the chosen recipients of the most prestigious award a student can receive from the Danse Shoppe.

    Owned and directed by Debbie Gasbarro and Lori McIntyre, the Danse Shoppe conducts dance classes in tap, jazz, ballet, and more, September to May, at their studio in Red Creek and at Cato-Meridian school. The Beverly R. Slobe award is presented to the dancer best expressing devotion, inspiration and determination – all the traits that Lori McIntyre admired most in her mom.

    Beverly R. Slobe displayed her true colors as she braved the consequences of cancer. She may have lost the battle, but she won the hearts of many with her inspiring will. The award has been presented in her memory ever since.

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