Schools Downgraded in Five Area Districts

    By on March 2, 2016

    Low Performance Cited in Some Student Categories

    Four Wayne County School Districts, and one nearby Oswego County school district within the LAKESHORE NEWS readership area, were identified Feb. 26 by the New York State Education Department (SED) as having a school or schools with low performing student groups.

    More specifically, the identified schools are considered by SED to have “Focus” status, meaning they have low academic performance on grades 3 through 8 ELA and Math tests or low graduation rates for some student subgroups, such as economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners. The performance at such schools is not improving, according to SED.

    The four local Wayne County districts with Focus schools are North Rose-Wolcott, Clyde-Savannah, Sodus, and Newark.

    For NR-W, the Middle School was identified as a Focus school.

    In Clyde-Savannah, Clyde-Savannah Elementary School was identified. In Sodus, Sodus Intermediate School was identified, and in Newark, both Perkins Elementary School and Norman R. Kelley Intermediate School were identified as Focus schools.

    In Oswego County, Hannibal Central School District was identified as having three Focus schools: Kenney Middle School, Hannibal High School and Fairley School.

    Of the local schools identified as Focus schools, three had earlier been considered in good standing for the 2015-16 school year but were newly identified as Focus schools. The three are Kenney Middle School and Fairley School in the Hannibal district, and North Rose-Wolcott Middle School in the NR-W district.

    Hannibal High School was re-identified as a Focus school.

    Clyde-Savannah Elementary School, Sodus Intermediate and the two identified Newark schools had been previously been considered Local Assistance Plan (LAP) schools, that is, schools that must have a plan for closing student achievement gaps.

    Good News, Too

    The news wasn’t all bad, however.

    Newark had two schools, Lincoln Elementary and Newark Middle School, which moved up to schools in good standing status from their previous rating as LAP schools.

    For the Red Creek district, Cuyler Elementary moved up from LAP status to a school in good standing.

    In Cato-Meridian and Lyons, all schools were in good standing.

    Improvement Plans

    According to SED, Focus schools must participate in a state review process to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This information is to be used to develop improvement plans. The plans must include input from parents and the school community.

    Newly identified Focus districts will, according to SED, receive $25,000 in the 2015-16 school year to development improvement plans.

    Focus districts must notify the general public, school board, and parents of students attending identified focus schools within 30 days of receiving the designation.

    Newly identified Focus districts must send a representative to two-day trainings March 10 and 11.

    More information about focus schools, including a parents guide, can be found at

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