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    By on March 2, 2016


    We have all been hearing about the water problem in Flint, Michigan and other locations around the country. Lead and copper seem to be the two main culprits that are causing concern. I am pleased to tell you that our water situation here in Rose is much better than that. First, we do not draw water from any bodies of surface water. All our drinking water comes from drilled wells, each of which is surrounded by substantial acreage of woodland that protects the wellhead. Second, the NYS Health Department has strict rules about testing and treating water, which we follow. I would rather tell you that such lead or copper levels are undetectable, but the modern electronic meters are so good that they can detect just about anything. Instead, I can tell you that our most recent tests for lead and copper have shown that the levels of each in the water are just barely detectable by the modern methods and are extremely low. The allowable level for copper is 1.3 milligrams per liter. The actual level is .14 – well below the limit. The allowable level for lead is 15 milligrams per liter. The actual level is 2.3 milligrams per liter, also well below the limit. The test for microbiological contaminants showed none detectable at all. These results are so low that the Health Department sees no cause for action. We test for these and other possible contaminants regularly. If this should change, we would take action quickly to keep the water safe. You can see a copy of the full Water Quality Report at the Town Clerk’s office during normal business hours.

    At the County level, one topic of discussion was the future of the Ginna nuclear plant. There is the very real threat of this plant closing. If so, it would have substantial economic and tax effects on all of us. Many of us would like to keep the Ginna plant operating, at least for a few more years. However, some have proposed that Wayne County request a NEW and second nuclear reactor at the Ginna site so as to have a new nuclear plant operating there for another thirty to fifty years. The current Ginna plant is licensed for another twenty years. The threatened closure is based on financial reasons, not technical or licensure issues. Building a new reactor on the same site does not address these fundamental issues.

    Many people feel that nuclear power is way more expensive than all other types of power when you figure in the total financial and environmental expenses of mining and refining the uranium to power them, and the fact that nuclear waste is still with us here in Wayne County with no permanent solution in sight. I opposed the resolution that was presented at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting on the grounds that the decision to site a new, second reactor at Ginna requires more public discussion than we have had so far. I expect that this issue will come back again at some point in the future. Stay tuned..

    Although snow has been hit-or-miss this winter, there are still times when we have more than we need. During these times the fire hydrants tend to get buried, at least for a little while. Please help the fire department — adopt a hydrant and keep it cleared out. This will not only help the fire department with prompt response, but is in the interest of everyone living near the hydrant. Kudos to the highwaymen for keeping up with the snow and keeping the roads cleared under difficult circumstances.

    Two reminders; if you see a streetlight out, please send me an email with the nearest house number or pole number; if you would like to receive an emailed version of this report, please send me an email saying so to: and I will add you to the distribution list.

    Let me end on a positive note; congratulations are in order for the North Rose – Wolcott Boys Basketball team for their excellent performance and record-setting season this year. We are all proud of them!

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