The State of the Family

    By on December 18, 2015

    Dear Reader:

    Why does the state make divorce so easy? Why are irreconcilable differences the standard now when common sense knows everyone does not always get along? Why has covenant, or a binding agreement, which is a keystone to the Western Civilization and our culture in particular dismissed? Why is commitment not even mentioned when research shows its importance in determining who we are?

    With no commitments, we become autonomous, we decide, and, in the end, decide for self. The illusion is that we are free with this autonomous self. In reality, the self-yields its freedom to the state who now determines and regulates the identity of the basic structure of society. Known as fascism, freedom has been given away to a demonic bondage which enslaves people to a chaotic search for self through one relationship after another. In the end, like sand slipping through fingers, the self finds nothing and agonizes over its meaninglessness.

    Deleted are the Judaic-Christian values which sees each person created in the image of God, loved and irreplaceable. Absent is the covenant with God who binds person to person and brings meaning and purpose to our lives. Forgotten is the commitment to Someone larger than ourselves who invites us into permanent relationships where our real selves are discovered.

    Without covenant and commitment as the basis for family and society, it crumbles. Ask teachers why so many students do poorly in school, and they will tell you because there has been a breakdown of the family, or there is no covenant to remain together and support one another. Ask small businesses what one of their main issues is, and they will tell you they cannot find people who want to work or commit themselves to the job.

    Unfortunately, the legal system supports the demise of the family. Judges and lawyers alike, even if they are Christian, will say they are only following the law which is the excuse people in Nazi Germany used when asked why they followed Hitler.

    Add to this insidious zombie like mantra the inexperienced, over worked, and burned out philosophies of the Children and Families Services, and you have a myriad of personal and state philosophies which separate, break, and destroy families.

    Little reflection is needed to realize the state’s ludicrous availability of divorce. And yet, it continues because it involves big money. The breakdown of the family has actually been institutionalized by the court, the attorneys, the Children and Family Services who make their livelihood in this lethal practice.

    One solution to this problem is the Church. Judges and lawyers, for instance, who are Roman Catholics need to have their Priests remind them that they are not to dissolve marriages according to Cannon Law. If the practice continues, then the Eucharist can be withheld and excommunication could follow.

    Pastors in Protestant Churches can do the same through Scripture. It provides for individual counsel. If there is not a change in practice, then two or three members of the congregation can meet with the judge and attorney(s) with an invitation to address the congregation to explain one’s hypocrisy.

    The hope is that those within the system will change it and not continue its fascism and breakdown of the family and society. Return to common law or law which takes into consideration our unique history rather than statutory law which does not and uses individual cases of dubious merit to move us away from covenant and commitment would stop our free fall. Instead of misusing our laws to force social engineering and wealth distribution, they should serve us as originally designed to keep the family together, make our society strong, and create a vibrant economy.

    Please alert your congress representative to the dire need for change in our New York State divorce laws and the Children and Family Services.

    — Bob Searle

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