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    By on December 10, 2015
    • Crunchy Banana Ukulele Group

    Here’s our “Crunchy Banana” Ukulele group after a recent rehearsal in Fair Haven. From top left is Lorraine Silliman, Monique Dickerson, Sheryl Coleman Buigues, Debbie Mc-Eligot, Stephanie Cunningham, front left is Beverly Coleman Sayles, and Shelly Coleman. Missing from the group picture are Ron Coleman (who took the picture), Larry Kyle who plays uke and guitar, and Sharon Coleman, pianist.

    Uke jams are held at my sister’s (Sheryl Coleman) store, Crunchy Banana, in Fair Haven every month. Sheryl gave ukulele lessons to students, including family and friends, at Cayuga Community College’s Fulton campus a year ago, last fall. Since then our group has expanded to include many musicians and many other instruments.

    Our last practice included soprano, concert, and baritone ukuleles along with a Merlin. We also have included banjolele, guitarlele, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolins, fiddles, and autoharps.

    The group has hundreds of years of musical involvement and experience among us. Our joy of music started with singing in Sunday school and elementary school. We further played instruments and sang in our local Boy Scout talent shows in Victory in the 50’s and 60’s. We had wonderful piano teachers (Adrice King and Shirley Butts) in Victory and excellent chorus and band leaders at Red Creek Central School. We went on to play in college bands, orchestras, and Dixie land bands for special events. We now also sing and play at nursing homes, church and community events, with the Oswego Valley Fiddlers, and in other local bands.

    Recently, Victory United Methodist Church had a special patriot service for veterans where the Coleman Family Band and others played special tunes for the congregation to sing. Ron played fiddle, Shelly played ukulele, Sharon played piano, and I played guitar.

    Victory Village held many recitals, concerts, comedy sketches, and plays in the old Town Hall. Music was an important part of community parties, elections, and church services. From the earliest orchestras in the Grand Hotel to Grange and fire department-sponsored round and square dances, bands provided for a way to raise funds for community activities, fire equipment, maintaining buildings and churches, and just to have fun.

    There will be more music when the Victory Village Museum opens next year.

    From the Town of Victory, from all of us, and from music makers everywhere – Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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