Lake Ontario Author Susan Peterson Gateley Publishes New Book

    By on December 10, 2015

    Wolcott resident and Lake Ontario author Susan Peterson Gateley has released a new book, entitled Saving The Beautiful Lake: A Quest For Hope.

    She says “It is a recent environmental history of Lake Ontario spanning most of the twentieth century. It’s also a call to action with suggestions for specific individual community and political acts to help our Great Lake.” She will be signing copies on Dec. 19 in Fair Haven at the Hardware Café.

    Gateley was moved to write the 276 page book after she read a news article in 2013 that described Ontario as the most polluted and impaired of all the Great Lakes. She set sail that summer with two others aboard an elderly yacht to circumnavigate the lake in search of how it became so stressed.

    “I’ve sailed the lake for over forty years. It’s incredible. We have eagles and ospreys and a world class fishery. This is an amazing place. But we also have two radioactive waste dumps, more than a dozen operating nuclear reactors, and the most polluted harbor in Canada on Lake Ontario that need to be contained and cleaned up.”

    Gateley’s newest book includes information on the threats of invasive species, legacy pollution, the impacts of energy extraction and use, and health issues associated with plastics and chemicals that disrupt hormone function in animals and people. She says, “We have made progress and we can still fix the worst problems. Nature is resilient, but there are limits. I think we must act soon and I believe a new relationship with our water is the only way it will happen.”

    The book also describes that new relationship and the work of grassroots groups throughout the Great Lakes basin who are now working to implement it by reviving the ancient enduring wisdom of the commons, a management plan for sustainable water resource management.

    “Our ancestors knew that water is a priceless gift that we must be grateful for. It should not ever be a mere commodity to make money off of. It is the responsibility of all of us to pass that gift on unimpaired to future generations.”

    Gateley has been writing about the lake from a sailing perspective since 1980. She single handed a 23 foot sloop around the lake for years. Now married and residing in Wolcott, she currently co-owns a 38 foot Nova Scotia built schooner the “Sara B” with several other sailors. The boat is based on Fair Haven Bay where Gateley also runs her Silver Waters Sailing business.

    At this time, Saving The Beautiful Lake: A Quest For Hope is only available directly from the author. She will be at the Hardware Café in Fair Haven from 1 to 3 p.m. to sell and sign books Dec 19.

    Or buy online at or by calling her at 315-594-1906. The cost is $25.00 plus 3 dollars postage. More information is at

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