Beware IRS Scam

    By on December 10, 2015

    To the Editor:

    WARNING! Yesterday, I received a call on my personal cell phone from (941) 900-0801. A male with a heavy accent identified himself as an IRS Agent and said he was investigating a complaint against me for Tax Evasion. When I told him I could not understand him and I wanted to speak to his supervisor, he sounded confused. Another male with an accent then tried to tell me the same thing. When I advised I was a Police Officer and would be happy to meet them at the courthouse, they hung up the phone.

    This morning, I received a voicemail message from (321) 209-8741. A male voice identified himself as an IRS Agent and asked me to call him back on that number to discuss a Tax Evasion complaint. Suspecting a SCAM, I called the Department of Treasury’s Inspector General’s Office at (800) 366-4484. The call-taker confirmed THIS IS A SCAM. He further advised the IRS has been investigating this for some time and requests anyone receiving a call or message contact them immediately to report the contact. It is helpful to provide the phone number or email address from which the contact came. DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY! The IRS does not make cold calls. If you have a tax issue, they will send you a notice via U.S. Mail or an agent will come to you and identify him/herself.

    Please warn your friends and family, particularly those who are vulnerable (Seniors, English as a Second Language, immigrants, etc.).

    — Brett Parsons, Washington DC Police

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