Wolcott Jr. Elks Bowling Results

    By on November 25, 2015

    Wolcott Jr. Elks Adult – Child Bowling Tournament held on November 21, 2015. Tournament Results:

    BANTAMS – Mother/Daughter: Cheyene and Patty Terry (1126) Mother / Son : Sihlus and Michelle Jason (1097) Father /Daughter: Alydia and James McIntyre (1114) Mikenzie and Mike Shear (1049)

    Father/ Son: Drew and Dan Youngman (1174) Noah Rooze and Hunter Perce (1130)

    PREPS – Mother/Daughter: Marissa and Anthony Vezzose (1190) Sidney and Julie Thompson (1095) Father/Daughter: Brianna and Anthony Vezzose (1208) Kendra and Lenny Tuper (1156)

    Father/ Son: Nick Freeman and Dan Craine (1380) Brenden Welsh and Jason Buckalew (1269)Heath and Heath I Spires (1095) Mother / Son : Tyler and Amanda Durham (1099)

    JUNIORS – Father/Son: Jacob and Lenny Tuper (1234) Michael and Mark Loveless (1162) Allen and Mark Smith(1138) Father/Daughter: Chynna and Jeff Plantz (1313) Mother/Daughter: Haylee Countryman and Rachael Fisher (1201) Dakota and Chere Poole (1184)

    MAJORS – Mother/Son: Brendan Wright and Julie Lapp (1150) Mother/Daughter: Marissa and Ruth Fisher (1099) Lindsey and Tammy March (1096) Father/Daughter: Brooke O’Brien and Jeff Teachman (1207) Father/Son: Avery Mitchell and Josh Andrus (1262) Matt and Derek Freeman (1217) Brett and Nathan Drake (1093)

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