October is Spinal Health Month

    By on October 14, 2015

    Dr. Franklin L. Perkins II – Perkins Chiropractic, pllc, Hannibal

    October is Spinal Health Month. There are lifestyle activities and measures you can do to have a healthier back and live a pain free life. Many people ignore the fact that their bodies are not functioning properly. They think the pain will go away or it is part of the aging process.

    One way to test if there is a problem is by seeing if you have a limited range of motion (ROM) in your cervical (neck) spine. You do this by looking to your left shoulder then to the right shoulder. If this motion is limited and you find yourself not able to do the movement without turning the shoulder or twisting the back, that is loss of ROM. Driving is the most common daily activity that people will notice they have limited ROM in the neck. If you notice that you have to turn your shoulder and neck when turning your head left or right or you have to twist the back, there could be an issue with the cervical spine.

    An indication of a lost ROM of the lumbar (back) spine is when you have difficulty bending forward or backward or you have limited ability performing this task.

    Any type of pain is an indicator that something is wrong, even the slightest pain. Many times, new patients will come into my office and say they have had the pain for awhile, but not this bad. Pain is your body’s response that there is something wrong. In today’s society, people take a pain reliever or aspirin and think their problem is solved if the pain goes away. Taking mediation is not addressing the actual issue. It can mask a more serious musculoskeletal problem. Structurally there could be vertebral subluxation (misaligned vertebrae), which will cause interference with your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

    Diet, exercise and stretching are ways to help maintain a healthy spine. Eating healthy is very important for your body to keep up with the proper nutrients. Try to stay away from processed foods and make sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Exercising is important to maintain muscle strength and movement in the joints and healthy bones. Stretching is something that I think a lot of people neglect. Stretching helps muscles and tendons from becoming tight, which causes less stress on the joints.

    Chiropractic spinal screening is a good way to see if you have any issues with your spine. Vertebral subluxation (misaligned vertebrae) can interfere with your body’s musculoskeletal system and the nervous system to function properly. If you have never visited a chiropractor, it is a good idea to have a spinal screening to see if you have a vertebral subluxation. Pain may not show up until a problem is severe. If you have been to the chiropractor, it is a good idea to have a regular checkup and chiropractic treatment. The chiropractic treatment can make sure the vertebrae are correctly aligned and take stress off the musculoskeletal system, which results in a healthy nervous system and a healthier you.

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