Flu Season

    By on October 8, 2015

    Local docs are urging families to get the flu shot now after last year’s brutal flu breakout. 145 children died. It was the worst flu season ever for the elderly. More went to the hospital than ever before from flu related illnesses.

    The problem last year – the flu shot didn’t work to fight off many strains of the virus. But this year, the CDC announces the new flu vaccine should be much more effective. It fights off 3 dominant flu strains.

    Right now, local physicians at American Family Care are giving the vaccine to patients and talking with them about why it’s crucial for folks of all ages to get the shot. You can come to one of our clinics to speak with a doctor about the CDC’s recent announcement, predictions for this year’s flu season and what to do if you get sick.


    • Reformulated to fight 3 dominant strains: H1N1, H3N-2, Influenza B.

    • CDC: 41 million doses now available, 130 million more to come.

    • Recommended for anyone 6 months or older.


    • Flu Season can start as early as October and stretch into May. Peak season is December through February.

    • A new study shows seniors were less likely to get the flu when a third of younger adults in their area got the vaccine.

    • The medical director of the National Foundation of Infectious Disease warns people can carry the virus when they show little symptoms and they risk exposing others.

    • Physicians stress the vaccine will not cause the flu.

    • CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden: “The best way to protect yourself, your family, your community is to get vaccinated.”

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