Cayuga County DMV Kicks Off Organ Donor Month

    By on May 6, 2015

    April is National Organ Recovery Month. The Cayuga County Department of Motor Vehicles kicked off their 4th Annual Organ Donor Drive on April 28 and it will continue until May 28.

    Sue Dwyer, Cayuga County Clerk, DMV Supervisor Shereen Androsko and their staff are all excited about this drive, which is held at the DMV office in the Cayuga County Office Building, 160 Genesee St., Auburn.

    Dwyer said, “Every year we try to make a difference.” She continued to say “since 95% of people who sign up to be donors do so in their local DMV offices, we know we can help increase the number of donors in our community.” Presently, New York State lags behind in the number of donors; only 18% of New Yorkers are donors and the national average is 42%.

    Dwyer said, “We want to change those numbers and show people how easy it is for them to save lives.” According to the National Kidney Foundation, 13 people die EVERY DAY waiting for a kidney. “It’s disturbing to think that people who aren’t aware of that statistic could save a life just completing simple paperwork” said Dwyer. We want to get the word out and educate our customers and promoting this kick off is a great way to achieve that goal.”

    For thirty days, the DMV staff will have a friendly competition to encourage customers to consider organ donation. At the end of the month, the staff person who signed up the most donors will win a prize.

    Our County Legislators and Department Heads are invited to be leaders in this drive by encouraging their staff and families to sign up. They are invited to the kick off to support our efforts.

    Sue Dwyer, Cayuga County Clerk said “I want to commend our DMV Supervisor Shereen Androsko and the entire DMV staff for their enthusiasm and help in organizing this month-long initiative. Last year, we signed up more than 250 donors. Each organ donor has the ability to donate up to 8 organs; and each person who chooses to donate eyes and tissues can help more than 50 people.” Dwyer continued “When you add up those numbers, our 250 new donors could help thousands and thousands of people. You never know when a family member or friend will be in need.”

    For more information on organ and tissue donation, please contact the NYS Alliance for Donation, Inc. 1-800-569-4321, the Finger Lakes Recovery Network at 1-800-810-5494, or visit and

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