Mayou Chosen as Sodus Citizen of the Year

    By on March 21, 2014

    To the Editor:

    Congratulations to Betty Mayou for being chosen as the Sodus Citizen of the Year for 2013! Here are a few of the reasons I think she was chosen: Betty (1) provides rides to and from church to those who need transportation; (2) belongs to several organizations (including the Sodus Garden Club); (3) can be seen driving “miss Daisy” and others to various destinations such as church dinners, movies, concerts, lectures, etc.; (4) loves to bake and share her pies, banana bread, cookies, etc.; (5) visits folks in nursing homes and hospitals; (6) arranges programs for GO-GETTERS; (7) works and helps in the kitchen at her church

    and also the Nutrition Site; (8) keeps up-to-date on world, country, and local news; (9) takes water “aerobic” classes; (9) is busy with her own family, etc.

    She’s my hero, advisor, mentor, good friend and neighbor.

    — “Miss Daisy” a.k.a., Donna Meneely, Sodus

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