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    By on March 21, 2014

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    Good News! As of 3/11/14, the Board of Education (BOE) is back to full strength with appointment of Mike Virts as eighth member.

    More Good News! Also at meeting of 3/11, Paul Benz, High School Principal, was appointed as an administrator on tenure. Board members and Superintendent Walker thanked Paul for leadership resulting in numerous positive changes at the H. S., not the least of which is a big increase in the percent of seniors graduating.

    Still More Good News! District Superintendent John Walker’s employment agreement has been extended two years, through June 30, 2016. Terms of agreement include a 1% salary increase each year and a sick leave buy out in the amount of $35 per day upon retirement. All other terms and conditions are as approved in initial agreement of August 2012.

    Even More Good News! Bob Magin, Business Administrator, presented the first draft of proposed 2014 – 2015 budget. Bottom line: the levy is only expected increase by 1.15%. Under current financial difficulties being experienced by almost all school districts in New York State this is quite amazing. Thanks is owed to Bob Magin, Superintendent Walker, all building administrators and department heads and the BOE Budget Committee (Bob Cahoon, Kelly Ferrente, Dan Snyder) for creative thinking during development of a budget which supports existing programs and does so with the least possible burden for taxpayers. A final draft of the budget will be presented for action by the board at the next meeting (March 25). BOE will adopt budget at 4/8/14 meeting.

    Last, but not least, on the agenda — taking next steps to develop new charges to the Buildings & Grounds (B & G) Committee. All BOE members were asked to come to March 25 meeting with ideas of what those charges should be. There is a need to bring new members up to date regarding prior board commitment to a Kindergarten through sixth grade and seventh through twelfth grade student body configuration. This will be accomplished by having an ad hoc committee comprised of the three new members and myself as chair meeting with administrators who will review the process followed last year which led to support of this configuration. Determining if a majority of current board members will or will not be supportive is an essential part of developing charges to B & G Committee.

    Just one item in the Notes portion of this article. What is a school board and what does it do? A school board is a corporate body that oversees and manages a public school district’s affairs, personnel and properties. Its members are elected by residents of the school district. As a corporate body, the school board is a legal entity that has an existance distinct and apart from its members. It may function only as a group with majority rule. No member has individual authority. Major functions of the board are: hiring and ongoing evaluation of a district superintendent who oversees all day to day operations of the district; oversight of all financial matters, including authorization of expenditures; approval of recommendations to hire personnel; approval of tenure recommendations; development of policies.

    Please consider running for a BOE position and/or encouraging those you think would be good candidates to do so. See ads now appearing in the LAKESHORE NEWS, the  and on the district web site for details.

    Next meeting: March 25, 2014, 7 pm, High School, Room 210. See you there.

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